Hello, hello!

My name is is Bob. I teach design at Delft University of Technology.

Every once in a while I post a video to my YouTube channel. I write a monthly column for Delta, the university newspaper. And I develop interactive teaching materials on design methods (currently only in Dutch).

I also have an old-fashioned blog with sporadic and random thoughts on education, design, and technology.

As a hobby, I sometimes cobble together simple web stuff like this text editor that doesn't allow you to edit your text. Useful to get out a rough first draft of something without getting bogged down in silly details. (Doesn't work well on mobile or tablets. And don't look at the code! It's crap.)

I'm a big fan of chunked writing.

That's pretty much it, internet-wise. Luckily, I also exist physically. And you can always drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you.